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5 New Facts On Skypod UPVC Roof Lanterns

5 Facts You’ve Missed About SkypodUpvc Roof Lanterns

More and more people are expanding their homes and taking full advantage of the space it brings by using Skypod upvc roof lanterns. Contemporary society has become fixated on a new windows structure called ‘roof lights’, often referred to as roof lanterns or roof skylights. This new modern type of architecture has become vastly popular due to them being eye-catching and friendly on the budget. They easily allow for more light to enter a home, shining natural light from above. They come in lots of different styles from curved glass to domes and can be built using solid Upvc.

Roof lights offer lots of different benefits to any homeowner. Below we have pulled together 6 facts to get you up to speed on roof lanterns, such as their innate ability to stimulate natural sunlight and the ventilate thermal temperature for maximum control.

Supporting Your Health

Natural light can either break or make a new build home extension. If the new extension does not get enough sunlight, the room below can feel dark and gloomy. However, too much roof sunlight from a skypod upvc roof lanterns can leave a room too exposed to unwanted guests.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself laying down on the floor of your office or home and staring up at the roof and watching the sunset through your amazing. Studies have shown that there are many health benefits to natural light, such as the exposure of Vitamin D that promotes muscle and bone strength and boosting metabolism. The immune system can also get boosted and your sleep cycle can also be improved through the use of skylight.

Skypod upvc Roof Lanterns

Protecting Privacy

The rise of the working population has forced business to accommodate by building offices so close together, thus it is causing an issue to provide natural sunlight through the use of normal windows. However, a new commercial skylight can eradicate this issue. Since it is constructed and fitted flat to the roof, all angles are getting covered and the maximum amount of sunlight is let through. It also helps with privacy and stops unwanted people from staring in.   

Promote The Natural Flow Of Air

 Flat skypod upvc roof lanterns are primarily installed in the living room of family homes, so it’s vital that they are installed properly to eradicate damp. Make sure air flow is optional through these skylights.

Controlling Temperature Naturally

As stated above, a new extension can be highly expensive. It is important to think about the seasons such as the cold chilly winters and hot stuffy summers. Fitting these skypod upvc roof lanterns with an open and close setting will help regulate and control temperatures in the extension. This is done by installing a computer operating system controlled via a remote or using a large steel pole.

Smart Energy Efficiency

The whole world is becoming more aware of global warming and climate pollution.  It can be reassuring to know that your home or office is eco-friendly as your sky lantern cuts down on energy consumption, because similar to solar panels, use a natural and never-ending renewable source of energy from the sun. Your carbon footprint will be greatly reduced. The financial reward will also get you excited, like in the summer when sunlight lasts a large part of the day. Turning off lights during this time will help with your bank balance.

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